air dam/deflector for existing yakima rod/ski rack system on top of van

an air dam to hopefully help with the major air drag (at highway speeds) caused by the yakima fishing rod holder i have on my van - hurts fuel mileage, i suspect. it is too much work to take off yakima rack system when not using but this air dam will be placed just like fishing rods would be, but using the same holder (the 'fishing rods' in this case are emt rods) which has a metal air deflector angled at abt 45 deg on the front (where you see cardboard as a proto type only now, of course)

carbon fiber would be cool but too expensive, so i used a 10" x 30" aluminum plate and 2 more support bars that are perpendicular to the rods that go through the 2 yakima braces. easily removable.

i had used a jackson pollack-esque paint treatment, where i used a more contrasting gray paint dribbled paint on a black background, then i decided to take it down a notch and just use that as a pattern / relief instead, so i painted over it with black. now its more of a texture than an actual design.