Caboose for RadWagon cargo bike. RadPowerBikes makes awesome electric bikes. But they are a bit behind production due to the pandemic, so their accessories are always sold out. The caboose is normally $200. A lot of people making their own. I decided to go the Maker Pipe route for about $25.

I used 1/2" EMT. So I had to use the shims. I have limited pipe bending experience from doing a couple of projects around the house. I don't know how to do the bending math, so I just took copper wire I had and mocked it up so I could get the length and an idea of where to bend. I did have to bend in a couple of different directions to get it to fit. I bent a little at a time and slowly.

I used a vise to smash the ends flat, but I also experimented with hammering the ends flat and that worked as well but wasn't as clean as the vise. Then I drilled 1/4" holes through for the bolts.

The paint job is just ACE brand rattle can primer and paint. I just hung the pipes using the drilled holes and some wire and sprayed them while hanging.

The side rails are about 54" long (when the pipe is straight) and the cross members are 12". The top of the bends are about 15"-16" from the ends. With the front bend having a sharper, forward-leaning bend, and the back bend being more tapered. Though I'm sure that can be stylized to whatever suits you best.