Fishing Kayak Electric Motor Mount --
I thought I would reach out and share my new contraption that I came up with…a custom fishing kayak motor mount.
Living in Oregon, we have great opportunity for fishing. Some of the big lakes can be overwhelming on a kayak with just the means of a paddle so I wanted to incorporate a motor so I could access more water in a shorter amount of time as well as having the option to troll for fish.
What I was finding online for kayak motor mount options was not fitting my needs/liking so I came up with my own
that actually incorporates into the tracks that my seat slides into and it works perfect. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
(Note: I originally started with rubberized R clamps for my piece of wood that the motor attached to (as seen in the garage pictures). It didn’t feel as stable as I had hoped so I ditched the R clamps and in their place, built a wooden box that slides over the rectangular piece that hangs over the water with this black wood piece
remaining in the center for rigidity when clamped.
The pressure from the motor clamps keeps the wooden piece on just right (like a bench vice). This worked out perfect.
If interested, I did a short video test driving the new mount.
Here is the link: