Happy Friday y'all.

I wanted to share my first project with Maker Pipe - a simple set of guard rails on a storage loft area in my studio. It's a tiny footprint of useful storage space above the bathroom, and I wanted railings to keep myself from falling off. I've also added pegboard panels to help hide the mess it's containing, and keep small items from falling out.

The whole setup is 3/4 EMT with some flanges, Ts and 90s. The panels were cut down from a single sheet of white pegboard, and then held in place with 3d printed clips and screws. It's lovely in concept, and decent in execution, but don't analyze it too closely - there's room for improvement still.

Regardless, from 8' down it looks great and it does the trick.

I still need to install a permanent ladder (not made from pipe) and some hand holds at the top entry, but that'll be another day.