I finished my first Maker Pipe build.

This very questionable looking thing is a martial arts striking dummy, or "uchikomi-dai" for Kendo (Japanese fencing). The target areas in kendo are the top of the head, the sides of the torso, and the forearm/wrist area.

For the striking areas, I used a 1" diameter neoprene O-ring stock. It fits just fine in the 3/4" connectors. I wrapped the "head" in a few additional layers of rubber pipe wrap, because that is the part that will get the most abuse.

The easiest method to fit the connectors I came up with was to use locking pliers to clamp the connector shut and to hold it in place while I attached the hardware.

I made the foot removable by inserting a 3/4" steel rebar stake. It's a perfect fit with the addition of some plastic EMT insulating bushings. The top legs slide over the stake tips. The bushings also prevent the EMT ends from grinding against each other.

The foot is small but good enough with the addition of a sandbag.

One unexpected issue was that I had to add a cross piece between the legs at the base to prevent the legs from rotating laterally. Because the top part slides over the stakes, the length of the legs is not fixed, which allows the whole thing to go out of square. There isn't enough friction to keep the angle. I can imagine this could be a useful for technique for someone.

The other thing that took me by surprise is that the bolt head sticks out further than the nut, so if you are going to have the hardware sitting on the ground without adding feet, then the bolt side down works better.