I have a .5 mile walk to the lake to launch a new-to-me rowing shell. The shell is fragile so I needed a safe way transport the shell, oars, etc. I purchased a kayak cart for the stern and made a fabric sling for the cart since the supports were too wide for the shell. I made a sling with handles to carry the bow and "pull" the shell down the road but it was awkward going a mile round-trip. I also tried using the bow sling with a shoulder strap but again, it was awkward. I found Maker Pipe and rented a pipe bender to make a cart for the bow. With David's recommendation for pneumatic caster wheels and the Maker Pipe adapters for the wheel posts and my set of connectors (90, 180 and T), I was able to build a cart that allows me to easily roll the shell to the lake and back. The shell is suspended from the center bar using a bungee cord connected to the sling I made and the shell is level bow to stern. The cart shape keeps the boat from touching the cart when I turn so I don't have to worry about damaging the shell. I am so happy with this solution to my problem -- not sure how I could have solved this without Maker Pipe. :-)