Jason made this awesome rack for a cart that holds everything from lawn chairs to baseball gear!

"I built a frame that has extensions on top and folding hooks on the back. Now, I can put a water jug, bucket, and gear underneath. I can put chairs, a net, and/or an EZ Up on top. I can hang a chair on the hooks on the back. My wife added an organizer on the side. I put 2 small supports on the side to hold the organizer in place.

The connectors are on the short cross members loose enough so that I can slide them together or apart easily. When broken down, the whole thing is less than 4” deep. I have the spring clamps so that I can mount the whole thing on the wall out of the way when not in use.

The hooks on the back are loose enough so that they can be moved into place or out of the way without tools."