Maker Pipe Live Stream
Wanted to add a shout out to David Schlitter, Jake Lewis, and Kelly Schlitter for another fun Maker Pipe live stream Wednesday!
For those of you who don’t know, they have been hosting a weekly live stream for weeks and it is fun to pop in for some real-time interactive chat. I wasn’t able to join last night, but later in the evening I watched the recorded session and it was still pretty fun!

This week, they did a community build round-up which was a lot like Maker Pipe Mondays, only with live feedback from viewers. One of my favorite moments was the truck bed bike rack build (which was pretty sweet) and Dave says, “Let’s go shopping” and proceeds to find out how much a retail solution on Amazon would have cost vs. the DIY build.

This is really neat, as we get to see the owners’ reactions to our projects, often sharing insights about upcoming products or helping to connect the dots between the inspirations for what we build. They are taking a genuine interest in we, the customers, even featuring our social media posts if it is useful for the discussion. It is not often you get to connect directly with the creators/vendors of build components like this, and even if the live attendance is small/intimate today, these videos live on forever and can be fun and helpful to watch later.

Anyway, thanks for the support, sharing and promoting the creative ideas of the community!