Raising Chickens: Part 2 ...

When chicks get to a certain size, they have GOT to go outside. Also, when introducing new chicks or chickens to a flock it's a good idea to keep them apart but where they can get used to each other. I used conduit and Maker Pipe connectors to build a removable partition I can set up in our chicken run.

It consists of three 4'x6' panels that can be arranged as desired and are just joined to each other and the sides of the run with zip ties. Two are plain and one has a door. Where I put two panels next to each other in the same plane, I inserted a length of 1/2" conduit into them at the top and bottom to help them behave as a single panel. (I meant to get a photo of that and forgot.)

The whole enclosure is big enough to include a small coop we use just for chicks. You can see the end of the main coop in the last picture. Once all the chickens are integrated I can easily disassemble it for storage. So far it's working very well. I hope to use the latest door latch hack to put a proper latch on the door soon.