Russell has been hard at work on his spooky Halloween display!

"So, what I ordered and what I got just don't match up. Let me explain. I ordered a big kit to play with. I had a project in mind, but not knowing how this product would work, I was apprehensive, but like I tend to do, I jumped into the deep end and went big.

The order arrived quickly and correct. Hardware and even some cheap tools were included. I wasn't completely sold on how strong this might be, so I built a little rack. 3/4" EMT and 4 of the corner connectors. Dropped a piece of plywood and jumped on top. Definitely, a product that meets all expectations. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Here's the problem. I need more. I took over half my neighbor's front yard and the planned project quickly doubled in size. My neighbors and their kids are getting excited and fueling my newest addiction. Gonna be a great Halloween in large part due to a quality product and my stupid, childish fantasies. This is a great way to waste your "adult" money".

Very, very happy."