Stand Support on the go! I managed finally to put the oil press on top of the original stands. The challenge was to find the way to support vertically the white steel stands with 360 degree moving casters, a triangular shape on one side, and only two people to carry the 200 pouds press on top without dropping it. I made some test ideas with Maker Pipe, and of course there was a suitable solution for the problem.

I locked the bases with 2 upright tubes on each base, and then crossed a pipe through the side logo on each leg, tightened it up with cross over clamps, serving as "clamps". It has an "in-between" mini stand too, with casters (black), that served as guide line before setting the press on top. (The leather glove is to avoid scratching the metal on one side).

The workshop keeps on evolving through with the aid of Makerpipe. By the way, I re-used some connectors, bits an pieces, and dettached some shelves to be able to make the stand without cutting any other piece of 3/4"EMT. Another need solved easily through Makerpipe! And happy Thanks Giving holiday!

Update: I disassembled the top part, and painted the black steel base on casters white, so it matches the big base better.