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Asked a question 2 years ago

Are there similar connectors for 1 inch emt tubes? Sometimes, I feel the 3/4 emt is not stiff enough.

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I received a reply via email from Kelly that they are going to offer 1” in the future, but she did not mention a date.

While you wait to see if/when the larger connectors are made you can try a couple of things using the connectors you already have.

One option is to use 1/2 GRC (galvanized rigid conduit) it has the same OD as 1/2 SCH40 PVC and can be found easily, the downside is you would be looking at about $2 per foot and need to install at least one additional friction band.

Another decent option is to use a 1" OD steel tube and remove the friction band like was shown in a blog post using wooden dowels and aluminum tube but should work with a steel tube if you can find it.

A third less appealing option is to use the 3/4" EMT and fill it with concrete or gypcrete.