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Luke Krueger
Founder, Mandala Wellness Systems. Founder, Deep Wellness
Asked a question last year

For long term outdoor installations, what are people using for the ground/conduit interface for longevity? I'm thinking a plug at the end of shrink wrapped conduit is probably the go to for vertical conduit into the ground? The platform I'm building will have up to 400 lbs on it, so I'm thinking I'll put some shrink wrapped horizontal conduit on the ground for the verticals to meet with a T connector. I just thought I'd check what other people are doing where the pipe meets the dirt. Thanks!

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I pound rebar into the ground that sticks up out of the ground 2-3 feet. Then I wrapped metal wire around the rebar where it meets the ground. I slid clear plastic tubing over the rebar to thicken up the diameter of the rebar a bit then slid the poles down over the rebar post. the conduit doesn’t go into the ground. It sit on the wire wrapped at ground level. It has worked great so far. The plastic tubing is optional but I think it makes it more stable