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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hi Everyone! So I want to say Thank You, ahead of time. Believe me, any and all help is appreciated! I have been looking everywhere, ie. Home DePot, Lowe's, my local hardware shop, but all to no avail... then somehow, I stumbled upon this site, and I'm already more then sure someone here can help me... So without being to specific, what I need is to find a type of hinge that I can add to either a plastic, or aluminum rod so that I can have a 90 degree bend close to center. Probably like 3 ft. up from the bottom, for a total of four to five ft. There is also the possibility that I would want this rod to be telescoping, as to add a foot or two to the total length. But that will depend on how that would affect the overall durability, as well as the hinge performance. I'm thinking I would probably need a button for a release, so if I'm holding the poll out straight, I don't want it to collapse at the hinge. And likewise, when it is in it's bent position, I wouldn't want it to unbend until I'm ready... via the button! So does anyone know if such a thing already exists, or how to go about building one if not?

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