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Asked a question last year

Hi first time using Maker Pipe connectors. Building a screen frame for an outdoor movie set up. What connectors do I use for a 2-way 90 degree angle? The ones I bought seem to be 3-way and the connectors don't seem to hold the two right angle pipes firmly in place I suspect because there's no third pipe in place. Am I just missing something? Thanks!

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Good question! So, you can use T-connectors or 90s which is what you have by the sound of it. I like Ts  because they are so basic and versatile, but the 90 is a better choice for nice, rigid corners.

You are right, the 90s need that third perpendicular pipe to make everything nice and tight. Just take a scrap of conduit and cut a short stub as long as the width of the connector and put that in the corner. For a lot of builds, you need that third pipe to complete a vertex like the corner of a cube which you cannot do with two Ts without a bit of offset. In your case you will end up with nice corners, but yeah, you will need that short piece to fill in the gap.