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Asked a question 5 months ago

Hi folks, just signed up thanks in advance for any suggestions. We have an old chair lift from a ski resort. I wanted to add legs to turn it into a bench (it would be way cooler to hang it somewhere, but we don't have a good spot). Thought I could use maker pipe fittings and 1" EMT to make the legs. Any suggestions on design? Maybe a U shape "leg" at each end? The pipe you see under the chair is 1" OD, so that seems to work perfect. Again, thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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You could try using a heavy duty umbrella/shade stand and plug the pipe into the seat base. Not a conduit solution but it could work for you.

Wow, thanks very much.  I never thought of that at all!  I guess that's why it's good to ask other people for ideas.  My only concern would be if one person sat on one end of the chair, would it tip?  Maybe a really big base would keep it from tipping.  Thanks again!