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Asked a question 19 days ago

I am planning a slider bed build for my pull behind camper, as well as the same for my camper van conversion. I need to know which would be the strongest, and weigh the least between using aluminum conduit vs PVC. I want maximum load capacity with the least weight. Which would be recommended?

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thats always a trick question, and its the Load Capacity that determines the answer to that question. Im no expert, but I would want the build to be at least 10% above my expected weight capacity. So just how big a size would the pvc vs the metal have to be to support the weight you plan on putting on it.  (sorry, but yep - it means a little home work)

neverless- opt for your safety, thats my input - P.S.  you could always check into mixing it between materials - metal tubing, pvc, lumber.  good luck.  tw