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Asked a question last month

I'm doing my first build and I'm using the shrink wrap all over it. So far things look great and I am quite happy. My understanding is that I'm supposed to remove the friction bands when I am positioning a connector over the shrink wrap. This leads me to ask: how in the heck do I get the bands off? Those little things are SNUG. I can cut them off, but is that how it's really done? I'm asking in case there is some clever method for removing them that doesn't involve vise-grips or tractors.

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you can cut them, as I have always received a few extras with orders, but I have always slid them off T connectors with my fingernails. In cold weather, the bands really dig under you nails. We need a name for when that happens, especially when removing a dozen or more. The dreaded sore Maker Pipe Friction band fingernail syndrome.