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Asked a question last year

I train retriever dogs for hunt tests. I need an outdoor stand on which I can lean my shotgun so it won't fall to the ground. The ends of the stand would need to be able to be driven fairly easily into the ground. Any idea on what to put at the end of conduit and how to attach for ground spikes? Attached is a photo of a commercially available gun stand.

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Hey Janean, thanks for the question. We talked about your build during the live stream on Monday and came up with a few ideas. If the stand is going to be in the same place for a little while, we like to use a method where you get one of these inexpensive stakes from Lowes and then slide the conduit over it.

 It is surprisingly strong and will hold the gun just fine. If you need to move the stand constantly then I would recommend hammering the ends of the vertical piece of conduit until it's flat and then use that to stake into the ground. I have linked the livestream segment below if you want to hear our ideas and discussion in more detail. It's around the 1 hour and 4 and half minute mark.