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Mark M
Asked a question last year

new user, couldn't get back to where i was on the forum somehow, but regarding this image: i see Jake posted this for Don. so, if anyone has some ideas, i am all ears! I am basically trying to do a swivel connection like that. so, i am trying to confirm what these (A) bolts (eye screws?) are, that the emt 'axel' goes through?... and then are these (B) cotterless ring pins? (aka quick-release pins) i would like to be able to slide the emt out of the black maker pipe clamp for easy disassembly (i saw the bike stem clamp hack too, but that would be to remove the clamp from the perpendicular bar. i want to slide the emt out of the other side of the clamp, as shown by (C) is, but when attached, have it held in place with easily removable hitch pins (B). is this (D) garden hose to provide some spongy bite for the maker pip clamp? please l m k y'all's thoughts. thanks!

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I'm not sure I entirely understand the problem, but check out the bicycle hub quick release connectors here: