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Asked a question 2 years ago

Track or Pulley Bird Net Question. I am building structures to go over a few of my fruit trees. I want to only use it during fruit season, so I want to be able to assemble it, then attach the netting at the start of the season; then remove the netting and disassemble at the end of the season. My trees as as much as 12 feet tall, so I want to design a fully or track system into this to attach the netting to, kind of like a roll-up garage door, except the weight is just netting, and it needs to go on all four sides. Does anyone have an idea for a design to accomplish this?

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For mobility look for farm supply places that sell gate wheels they are meant to be outside and the attach to pipe.   Also, I've used 'Rain-X' on several outdoor fitting situations.  It repels water and doesn't seem to wash off as easily as some other products... Just tighten and the spray.