Teressa sent in some great photos of their marchin...

Teressa sent in some great photos of their marching band castle prop! Super Cool!

"Hi, I’m with the visual design team for our daughters’ marching band here in Asheville, NC. Last year we were tasked with building a 30’ wide castle to enhance the marching band show and allow for the grand entrance of a bagpipe player that really wowed the crowd! We planned on using EMT conduit for the structure but couldn’t find a way to connect the conduit the way we hoped until we found your company. What a game changer!!

The marching band participated in local competitions throughout the season and we had band directors from other bands coming over to see how our props were built. We couldn’t say enough about how instrumental your connectors were in making our castle! I’m attaching pictures of last year’s props so you can see what we built.

One of our biggest challenges was figuring out how to put wheels on the frames that would be heavy-duty enough to push the frames on and off the football field quickly. We ended up using your puzzle-piece clamp to attach plywood to the base of the frames and then connected the wheels to the plywood and it worked out perfectly!

This year, we will be designing more amazing props (and I’ll be placing another order for more connectors)"