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Check out this great build that was recently shared as a review on the T Connector "I used the Makerpipe fittings to build a Rack for my pickup truck that would fit over my Softopper. It was a handy option... (More)
Michael recently shared this awesome canopy that he built for his camper. He used telescoping clamps and some other solutions to make it adjustable. It came out great! "I completed my camper awning project. I think it turned out pretty... (More)
Here is another camper I made, based in a bantam trailer with hinge open side, slide out end, cover made from a plastic backed canvas dropcloth.
here are pictures of a popup camper i designed for my flatbed truck. currently 250+ connectors, and plenty of pipe, on version 3 right now, but 2 years of use and still holding and improving; sits on a (smaller) 6.5'x8.5'... (More)