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Furniture & Decor
Furniture & Decor

DIY furniture is great because it can be an inexpensive solution to a household need. Plus you get the satisfaction of building it yourself. You can build desks, chairs, tables, and much more. Follow the topic to see other related creations and we can't wait to see yours as well!

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I'm doing an 8.5 X 18 Cargo Trailer Camper build and I want to build an elevated queen size bed frame using conduit. I'm thinking this will provide a weight saving versus using lumber. Any thoughts?
30-minute build- I needed a small side table, and this one was quick to put together. I used: 8- 3/4" EMT sections cut to the desired length 4- 90 degree connectors 4- threaded pipe inserts 4- rubber pipe feet 4-... (More)
Built this adjustable sandbox shade/cover using 3/4" EMT conduit and Maker Pipe parts. The vertical posts are 6'6" and secured to the sandbox using the flange connector. (For added strength, I used threaded inserts and washers secured with a 1/4-20... (More)
What to do with a perfectly good fabric umbrella that I saved from a bent & broken offset umbrella stand? I'm SO done with these entry-level offset umbrellas that barely last one season (yes, you get what you pay for!)... (More)