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Furniture & Decor
Furniture & Decor

DIY furniture is great because it can be an inexpensive solution to a household need. Plus you get the satisfaction of building it yourself. You can build desks, chairs, tables, and much more. Follow the topic to see other related creations and we can't wait to see yours as well!

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My nephew's new place was really lacking storage and counter space in his kitchen. Had some leftover oak veneer ply and some boards - along with makerpipe. New kitchen island complete with a place to hang pots and pans. Spray... (More)
My parents wanted a free standing whiskey shelf utilizing some reclaimed wood to sit in an odd corner of the room. Had to share space with a dog bed, so it needed unobtrusive legs (It's anchored to the wall at... (More)
Custom pipe desk that fits this odd room corner perfectly. Very nice job!
We built a distance learning pipe desk that is customizable in color and size. Check it out!