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Stephen shared these photos and build details through email. Check it out! "My propane tank sometimes vents in the hot texas summers. Cant b bury it because weโ€™re on solid rock. With the cost of propane, the waste is expensive,... (More)
Pacific Northwest Canopy Over Deck For the third year in a row now, I setup my deck canopy again to stay dry while enjoying the outdoors (and making pizza) in the upcoming rainy season. We have had an extended, warm... (More)
Jason shared his great lawn mower addition with us on IG. He added a sunshade with conduit and some plywood. The conduit is secured with hanger straps and he's even incorporated a safety chain in a clever way. Check out... (More)
Lynn shared some details about her recent shade build. Here's what she said. "We live near Boston so we get intense heat and cold winters. This is my build for a kitchen garden cover. Shade cloth for summer and plastic... (More)