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Two shade structures for garden: one is attached to patio beam and raised bed, other is freestanding. I used cross over clamps in several places instead of cutting conduit to exact size (I wasn't sure this design was going to... (More)
Robert shared some photos and details about his garden sunshade! "I wanted to build a shade structure for my wife’s garden. Other connectors seemed flimsy and cheap. Only needed 4 fittings for each 10’x10’ structure and it’s very secure. Plus... (More)
Great build from Jerry! "I am new to gardening in South Florida with its notorious sunshine and decided to put up a shade cloth for my plants. I got the emt pipes from HD and decided to use maker connections,... (More)
Summer Deck Canopy
Here's my upper deck canopy build. Definitely worth the time/investment makes my south/southwest facing windows and kitchen much cooler.