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Vehicle Racks
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Great build from Steve!

"I built a rack to hold solar panels while RV camping to charge solar generator. I used t connectors cross-over clamps and 1-hole straps. Worked great a quality product and a great company to work with."
Conan shared a few photos of his awesome car roof rack. Check it out!
here are pictures of a popup camper i designed for my flatbed truck. currently 250+ connectors, and plenty of pipe, on version 3 right now, but 2 years of use and still holding and improving; sits on a (smaller) 6.5'x8.5'... (More)
Cool project from Ken! "It has worked great, even better than I envisioned. I added a couple sidebars, and on one, attached a WWII shovel, I originally bought surplus, as a kid right after the war. That worked so well,... (More)