Here's my first Maker Pipe project. I am a very avid gardener and grow a lot of seedlings for both my garden as well to sell at the annual plant sale at our garden club. I have one greenhouse which I already had built some benches but for this greenhouse, I wanted to do something temporary so that I could fold them out of the way. I could even plant into this greenhouse below this bench while still using the bench until end of April when I no longer need the bench.
This build only took 4 one inch T-connectors and 4- 3/4 inch T-connectors and 1/2 a day. Using the short section of the one inch pipe over the 3/4 as a hinge works fantastic.
The seed starts don't weight that much but if I see they are too heavy, I can always add some additional chain supports on the back and front. I am really liking how this turned out and plan to build out the 2nd 10 ft section to fill the greenhouse which is 20 ft long.
The width of the benches are designed to fit both the 10x20 standard trays and standard 16x16 trays so no wasted space which you can see in the photos.
I think the photos cover all the key parts but if any questions, let me know. Cheers.