Thought I'd share a few pics & links to a project I worked on over the weekend for transporting my 2 Perception Outlaw kayaks in the bed of my truck without having to remove my truck bed toolbox & still allow me easy access to all my gear in the bed of the truck.

Project was quick, easy & around $20.


I built this support system using the following;

1 - 10' stick of 1/2" EMT conduit from Lowe's

1 - Pool Noodle

2 - Cotter Pins




I used my bed anchors that I already had installed a while back (got those off Amazon:

to secure the support to the truck bed.


Simply cut the conduit to length for across your bed, using whatever means you have. (I used my cordless Milwaukee jig saw with a metal blade) allowing a lil extra to drill out for a place to slip the cotter pins through the conduit to secure them from siding out of the bed anchors.

Then attached the T connector to the center.

Then I measured from the T Connector down to the bed for the piece of conduit that would attach to the Flange Connector to serve as a center support.


Attached the Flange Connector.


Then cut the pool noodle in half, installing one piece on each side of the T to cushion my yaks while transporting them & they worked great as rollers when I was loading the yaks.


I also use a piece of yoga mat under the yaks where they rest on my toolbox to keep the diamond plate of my toolbox from rubbing/grinding the bottom of my yaks while transporting them as well.


Pretty simple project but worked really well. Now I have complete access to my bed for rod & reels, gear, etc all for about $20

Not a bad, quick lil project that really is sturdy & easily to store when not in use