I did this project a few months ago. David and I chatted a bit to answer some of my questions, which was very helpful.

There are no pannier racks available for my motorcycle (CSC TT250), as with many others. Anyone who wants details on how I made the frame connections to make this work, just let me know.

I have about 700 miles on this and it is still as tight as when first installed. The rack doesn't carry much weight, it mainly secures the panniers, as they have straps that go under the seat to hold the vertical load. The panniers don't shift and sag, as without a rack.

You may notice I used EMT LB's for the cross-over connections, but I replaced these with makerpipe connectors and plugs later. I just hadn't ordered enough of the right connectors, as the project design sort of morphed as I went.

With 27.5 liters of capacity per side (closed) I can carry most anything I need for my commute. This keeps my load low, as compared to the typical tail box most folks use.

The next to last photo shows the panniers completely extended open (about 40 liters per side) with groceries inside. The last photo shows the 50 lbs groceries that fit.