I needed to build a voice-over booth for my wife and found Maker Pipe as a solution to build a frame to hang the sound blankets. I was impressed with the quality of the parts from Maker Pipe. I love the shrink wrapping and black components to make the product look high-end once done.

For my build, I guessed on the design ahead of time and ordered a bunch of components. On the day of the build, I threw the "guess" out the window and built it on-the-fly, adjusting the design according to the parts on hand and how it worked in the space. The design is pretty strong considering the weight of the blankets and the torque on the supports. The sound blankets on the front act as curtains, and the three levels of EMT allow the curtains to easily roll past each other.

Things I learned:
1) Depending on what you build, get used to the system before time so that you are aware of how the parts work and what parts would be best for your build. For example, the minis might be a good idea to help lock the design in ahead of time.
2) Depending on your build, it may be hard to assemble by yourself while working on-the-fly so cut things to size accurately and build in sections before assembling the final.
3) Complicated bending and building was harder than I expected.
4) Put threaded pipe inserts in the EMT ends with flanges for best results.
5) Get an EMT bender if you need to bend things.
6) The pipe cutter and long hex wrench are the way to go for best results and ease of build.

Good luck with your builds!