I teach a high school class called Making for Social Good and my students had an idea for a stroller attachment for a wheelchair for a member of our community who is expecting their first child. They came up with a cool idea but I wasn't sure how we would make it happen until I remembered seeing Maker Pipe at NYC Maker Faire a few years ago. We bought an assortment of attachments and they went to work!

This past week they finished their final design which attaches right to the wheelchair footrest and uses an infant car seat for the child. We tested it up to 55 lbs (the car seat maxes out at 35) on flat ground. This device will be good for indoor use at home, stores, malls, etc and smooth outdoor surfaces like paved paths or sidewalks.

Thank you Maker Pipe for making this assistive device possible. We are working on a video showing how to make the whole thing for under $100 with fairly basic tools.

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