The Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge. Now the real thing. ...

The Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge. Now the real thing. Made with "T" connectors to just keep the initial distance between the first two and last two longitudinal pipes (10 feet long all of them). Then on every transversal pipe (40 inches long), a "T" connector just to keep the pipes in place without sliding sideways, since they are not attached to any other pype by any mechanical part. They will be used for the railing afterwards. The bridge was lifted with 10 units of 10 feet long pipes, and 5 units of 40" pipes. I think that a couple cross over conduit campls (as the only one that is placed in the picture, completely loose now), could help prevent the pipes from sliding. Also the shrinkable wrap or some bicicle tires tubbing (will look into doing this as anchoring help), could do the trick. Hope you enjoy the build, lots of fun, trial and error, and... at least 2 hours alone! As long as the pipe does not slide, the bridge does stand alone without any problem.

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