Pole-mounted Weather Station
In a few days I will be receiving a new weather station that I plan to pole-mount, attached to the house using EMT. I am looking for ideas/insights beyond my current design plan which I roughly sketched out in the attached photo.

I know the sketch is rough, but the basic requirements are:
1. Pole extends 3-feet above the roofline
2. Pole attaches somewhat high on the side of the house to accommodate pivoting
3. Pivot point allows for stepladder access to pole so it can be tipped down to adjust etc.
4. Pole attaches at right angle to house with less than a foot of clearance to make it around a minimal overhang.

My first thought is to use the cast iron flange method with the strongest hold using a compression conduit fitting plus the fender washer&flush screw hack to back that up. The conduit would be a stub with a flattened end, drilled, and mated to the tall pole conduit (also flattened and drilled). This would create a pivot point, such that it would allow me to tip the long pole up 180-degrees putting the weather station into position above the roofline without needing to use such a tall ladder.

With the right measurement and pivot point, I could use a shorter ladder, pivot it down and work on it at ground level, then tip it up when ready.

Finally, a second flange could be added a couple feet higher with a Maker Pipe T connector to hold the tall pole in its upright position.

What do you think? Have a better idea? I would rather not drill into the roof (or even go up that high).

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