Finally completed my build. A few re designs durin...

Finally completed my build. A few re designs during and other ideas for the future. Roof rack is all maker pipe fittings and EMT conduit. The rack for the raft is wood frame with pulley on front and rear. I have a utility winch with mounting hardware to fit it into the receiver hitch. The winch line runs up to the back pulley, then to the front pulley and back to the tether line attached to front of raft. I have to lift the front of the raft onto the rollers on the back of the boat rack. And lift the rear of the raft slightly while running the winch. I still need to install the power lines to the battery in the engine compartment. I have some large quick connect terminal connectors as well to put together. It all works fairly well with out using the winch as well. Its been a fun build.

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