RV Storage

My wife and I recently purchased a new travel trailer that we are enjoying (ATC STO350). It has lots of storage for small items, but after a few camping trips, we decided we could make some improvements to maximize the use of the space.

The trailer has tracks on the wall that allow for the attachment of cabinets and hooks that can be configured as needed (blue arrows in photo). With that in mind, we moved some of the cabinets to allow space for an upright storage unit. We wanted a vertical space for hanging clothes, a platform for our auxiliary power unit, and a space for the porta-potty to be parked when not in use. ¾" EMT and maker pipe connectors were perfect for this project.

I started by painting all of the EMT with flat black spray paint to match the existing trim in the trailer. The four uprights were cut to length and cane tips were added to the bottom of each pipe to keep the ends from cutting into the floor. The back two uprights were attached to the trailer tracks using one-hole conduit straps. Thinking that our trailer flexes a little when being towed, I added extensive bracing to ensure that everything held together. The project was completed with the addition of two shelves made from high-density polyethylene cutting boards.

After a few trips, our upright storage space has proven to be a handy addition to our trailer. Using EMT made for a very sturdy, affordable, and functional addition. The maker pipe connectors were easy to use and it was a fun build.

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