This is a solution I came up with to frost-proof t...

This is a solution I came up with to frost-proof the underside of our travel trailer. We'll be living in it for the next year or so while we build our house in southwest Virginia (it gets cold here). Maker Pipe was used as the framing structure around the bottom breezeway of the RV. It provided something strong to attach metal roofing panels to. I simply drove the EMT right into the ground and attached some horizontal runs with Maker Pipe to make my way around the entire perimeter. Self-tapping screws worked perfect to attach the panels to the bars. Lastly, I added some Styrofoam pipe wrap along the top edge to cover up the rough edges of the metal roofing panels and to protect the sides of the RV from scratches. Maker Pipe was the easiest part of this build. It made quick work of a daunting task. I can't imagine rigging this together with mobile home vinyl or some other product. The metal panels are nice and tight and aren't going anywhere. We've had some strong winds, too and the strength of the Maker Pipe hasn't budged. This keeps the wind out from under the RV and prevents our water tanks from freezing. Not to mention, this is about the 5th project these T-connectors and 180s have seen. Thank you team MP! It's refreshing to use a product that's actually made out of a strong material, unlike all the plastic stuff that's built to break. MP never lets me down!

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