My son wanted his dog, Ralph, to sleep in his bed....

My son wanted his dog, Ralph, to sleep in his bed.

Our problem was that Ralph can't climb ladders (no thumbs) and there aren't any commercially available products we could use for 6' bed height with a reasonable riser height for a dog. We considered black pipe and wood (lost a day there) and then found Maker Pipe.

Risers are all 12" and the total rise and run is 6' x 6'. We used standard 3/4" plywood for the treads and made shelves for his NASA legos with the extra.

Ralph loves the stairs and my son couldn't be happier - especially since he touched every piece of the project. Quite a bit of pride in his creation because he cut the wood and pipe, heated on the shrink-wrap and tightened the fittings. After we were done he added some remote controlled LED lights so he can make it light up at night.

Great project that we will never forget. Thank you Maker Pipe!

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