Attached are a few pics of my kayak cart rebuilds....

Attached are a few pics of my kayak cart rebuilds. I have 2 identical folding kayak carts from Amazon that both broke (after the return period – of course!) because of cheap plastic hinges. They broke after only a few uses, so I started researching a better way to connect the ½” tubing together and came across Maker Pipe T Connectors as a solution. The first few pictures show how I used 4 T connectors and your shims/sleeves on the axle and front leg to rebuild a cart that also doubles as a chair. Except for the seat back, it doesn’t fold anymore, but that’s okay with me since it seems very sturdy now and it doubles a center canoe seat or beach chair.

The second cart is a total rebuild of the original blue one, in which I cut, re-arranged and reconfigured the cart to better meet my needs and the shape of my kayak hull. I used 2 T connectors and shims and was able to drill through the ½” tubing so the T connector bolts hold the ¾” EMT in place without spinning, which customized the cart perfectly. I just have to add the rubber chair legs/end caps and some pipe insulation to call it a success. I definitely will be ordering more connectors to build a kayak/canoe rack to store the boats under our deck!

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