Thanks for the review Richard!

"I had been planning to use Maker Pipe to build a Dahlia cage last year but never got to it. This year, the predator pressure on our meat chickens got so bad that I had to build an iron clad chicken tractor with angle iron and chain link. It kept them from going through but then a clever fox burrowed under and the results were the same, chicken reduction. So we decided to build easy to move panels to keep the coyotes and foxes out. I purchased a Maker Bundle in 1" and approximately 15 sticks of 1" EMT from the local Home Depot.

Maker pipe is very easy to use and adjust as you work through a project. Panels are 2' x 10' and 2' x 14'. I ended up setting critical pieces with set screws (3/4" self tapping) and it is very sturdy. The layout is shown in the pics and all 4 panels will be hinged for pick up and moving once I receive more hinge material. The chicken tractor has to be moved every two days. I have video evidence of disappointed foxes now trying to get to chickens after installing the panels. One suggestion to those planning projects-I use a 1/4" ratchet with a 5mm 4" driver and a speed bit in my small drill. You really need both, one for assembly, one for final tightening so you don't strip threads on the bolts. Customer service is excellent."