garage hanger/hook with left over / short pieces o...

garage hanger/hook with left over / short pieces of emt conduit - plus bonus ceiling hanger technique

im sure this is not new with me and about as simple as dirt to do but I had a piece of leftover EMT and I thought hey why not make a hook out of this piece instead of letting it just sit there and in this case Iโ€™m hanging things that are very light but I think it might be wise to crimp or otherwise strengthen the connection there where itโ€™s flattened. I just took a 3 1/2 foot piece of conduit, bent one end into a hook shape, flattened about 6 inches of it drilled holes and then hung it through ceiling stud. again for my application itโ€™s strong enough to hold up the light items that I put there but I think I would fold or crimp or something the conduit there where the flatten part ends and the non-flattened hook begins because it could be a little weak if it were are use like this.

However if it were placed vertically on a wall (whereas this is horizontal on the ceiling,) meaning screwed into the wall vertically in a stud and then the flat piece was bent so that it would hang on the wall then I think it will be strong enough to hold most anything for this size conduit. oops, just realized this doesn't use any maker pipe parts but i have plenty others posted that do. ๐Ÿ˜œ

*bonus*: also not original with me and unfortunately I have forgotten where I saw it but the el cheapo plastic pipe hangers (white things shaped like a โ€œ J โ€ in the background) - you can get the big box stores - are perfect for hanging fishing rods from the ceiling like a buck apiece in the plumbing section and you can use to hang rods or extra pieces of conduit or anything else that is long, from the ceiling. plus, its very easy to take the fishing rod our for use and same with putting it back up when done.

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