Hello Floks,
Thanks for showing my build on the webcast. And thanks for the ideas for making it better. Version 2 coming soon. I also wanted to show the charge controller, battery, inverter, fuses, shunt and meter.

I borrowed the idea from TikTok, but it seems to work very well and powers my home office, and ham radios if I go to an event at a state park, etc. My call sign is KO4GAB. I'm General Class. I hope to hear you some time.

Also, you can pivot the panels on the wheel (i.e. lean the panels back) to better align the incident angle with the sun for when the sun is lower in the sky or in the evening.

Actually, it is the opposite. Panels at ~55 degrees for winter and evening and ~35 degrees (yep, they should add up to 90) for full summer or overhead sun. This should be adjusted for your latitude. I chose 35 degrees because I am in Northern GA