Another trellis post. The neat thing about the maker "grown up tinker toys" is reconfiguration is so darned easy. I had a trellis that was functional but my husband wanted more deck room to do deck things (imagine that) so I rearranged my deck garden.

The deck picture is of the new trellis and the lower and lean system (which I am connecting to the plants tomorrow after I get my peppers planted in the main garden. If the new set-up works, next year we will refine the trellis for the bed against the wall and cut the supports so that I could slope a polycarbonate roof over the tomatoes. It is a grow bad sub irrigation set up.

The other shots are the main garden (currently a disaster scene-and yes we are cleaning and staining our fence and the neighbor fence this summer! ) which will be terraced, replaced with long Vego beds and a maker pipe trellis system of similar design to the current trellis system only better. The current garden beds are between 8 and 5 years old and the roofing is starting to rust through and the wood framework is also not as good as conduit, bowing, splitting, etc - .