Check out Bryan’s garbage can cart. So many awesome details!

“I installed 4” aluminum reinforcing tubing with a 1/2” ID into 3/4” emt at all bolt through connections at the angle frame and at both end of axle housing to center the 1/2” axle rod.

I used 25mm plastic saddle spacers and nylon washers to reduce contact points between aluminum angle, galvanized pipe and stainless fasteners. For fasteners (Amazon) i used button head socket and pressed in stainless rivet nuts for all 1/4-20 to keep bolt through connections as flush as possible.

I painted all cut ends and most drilled holes.

Wheel sets are 10” lawnmower replacements and 5” locking swivel rubber casters. (Amazon)

Part resources are Makerpipe, Amazon, Homedepot (emt only) and plastic saddles from EBay.

TimberTech blocks under swivel wheels and grind bolts for 360 clearance.“