Check out Wendy's arbor build!

"Hi! Here’s my first build - a simple arbor for roses and clematis, with cedar fence planks for added shade/privacy.

After fully constructing the two lengths, I enlisted helpers to get it upright and “threaded” over 1/4” rebar posts. Leveling was a whole new challenge since the ground is uneven so I ended up attaching 1/4” steel hose clamps to three of the rebar posts to raise any of the sides that needed adjustment. So far, that seems to hold the pipe legs level. We’ll see how that goes when the vines add weight to the structure.

Finally, I added some leftover 8’ cedar fence boards to the short side, for additional shade and privacy. I may add mesh or wire to the tops and sides for added support for tying in the climbers next spring before the vines take off.

I love how it turned out!"