First time posting... I've got a nice sized home garden, and I'm going to be using some Maker Pipe components to create a trellis/tunnel that spans the gap between 2 raised garden boxes. Here's my rough model of it using the handy 3d model pieces I got with my order.

I used a 1" = 1' scale when building the model. The overall trellis will be 7 feet tall. The gap it's spanning between 2 boxes will be 42 inches long, with a depth of 32". I plan on putting horizontal crossbars every 12" on the vertical parts. This will be used to support climbing crops like cucumbers, squash, pole beans, and peas. If this first one works out well, I'll build 2 more to cover the space I have.

I'll take pieces of rebar, pound those into the ground first, then sleeve the electric conduit over the rebar to hold it in place.

If needed, I'll add some string trellis netting across the gaps on the verticals if there's not enough material for the plants to grab onto to climb.

Anyone have any thoughts or tips on this project before I start buying and cutting the conduit?