Here’s a cool outdoor gravity shower shared by Ruby through email!

“I am so busy with work, renovating a house and gardening with my husband BUT I had this idea to make a gravity fed solar shower tower. See the Attachment. I have a 30 gallon plastic drum so the total water weight is 125lb.
My original design was to taper up like a tower but I realize that the connectors can't function that way. This is my first build so I reconfigured to be square all the way to the top.

I also thought about putting 45 degree supports but it holds the weight with water in the barrel very well without. However the barrel with water makes the structure top heavy and I need to make it secure on the bottom.

Tying down with concrete blocks helped but that is not the prettiest. This whole idea is still coming together. I may need to get some other pieces. My husband thinks I am a little nutty for wanting to make this but he is obliging my inner inventor!”