Hi Folks, All Done ! I have 250+ pounds of tomatoes beginning to grow (12 plants). I did the same thing last year out of 3/4" PVC and the thing turned into a pretzel...lol. This year, I'm hopeful. 3/4" roof (because I cantilever corners) to fasten cables to each plant. 1/2" base and 1/2" verticals. Heat shrink in white for aesthetics look good with black brackets.

Wife informed me she does not want to see the base frame, or pipes outside of the garden boxes... so the only solution was to put the base under the planter boxes, with a vertical sticking out between them. 2 verticals each side x 4 sides.

The verticals are not perfectly straight. I made the roof 5" bigger than the base. There is a slight angle to each vertical. I'm hopeful this will take the place of 45s for rigidity in the wind. The thing looks slightly like an upside down pyramid.

Heat shrink is the icing on the cake. MP was sold out of white, so I hope the cheap ebay stuff will hold up. Slight yellowing over time is ok, any advice about this ?

By the way, the larger white pipe on the bottom (horizontal) is water for the drip lines...

I think we're ok with strength as I'm 260 pounds and was able to hang from the cantilevered corner, no problem. Thanks ! Tom