I am finally getting around to building my movable shade/awning system. I decided to go with a metal roof because I have some left over from re-siding my barn and I can then safely barbeque under the shade system (the entire structure will be metal).

The basic layout is in the attached photos. 10'x10'x10' plus the roof pitch. The parts list include 8-Corners, 16-45 degree connectors, 24 T-Connectors, and One Caster Set. List price of the MP components (before discounts) is about $250. I think it will take 15ea 3/4" EMT conduits. I acquired the EMT conduit cheap (30 used on CL for $40) and I already have the metal roofing.

I will need to screw the metal roof to the conduit or use 3/4" conduit brackets and bolt the roof on. I will make that decision when I get closer to mounting the roof.

This build could catch some wind and become airborne. Even though this will be on wheels, I have a plan for anchoring the corners/legs. I have some 15 gallon blue drums and when filled with water, they weigh 125 lbs each. I will attach each drum at corner just above 45 degree connectors to the drum. The drum can also act as a drink/utility table in each corner. If 15 gallons is not enough, I can move up to 50 gallon drums (415 lbs each).

Take a look at my plans. The MP mini kit (x2) did not have enough 45 Degree connectors, but I hope you get the idea.

If you have suggestions or comments, now is the time (before I start building tomorrow). Thanks.