I want to share the outdoor shower enclosure that I built using the maker pipe hardware.

We originally got this portable propane shower unit because our electricity was out for about five days after Hurricane Sally. Hot water definitely helps smooth life when you are living off portable solar!! Beyond the emergency preparations, we also wanted to do the project to have an outdoor shower to use after the pool.

The shower project became more important recently because we have a major job currently to fix all the hurricane damages. Living in the midst of a construction zone creates a lot of daily living hassles including reconstructing the bathroom each day after the contractors leave. I needed this to be quick and inexpensive. Here's our solution.

The 3/4 inch EMT is joined with "T" and "90-degree" connectors. It is attached to a custom platform made from pressure-treated lumber and reclaimed fence boards. The uprights are connected to the platform with iron flanges and set-screw EMT connectors. I used a few more T's to make a door. I removed the interference band to allow the connector to pivot around the upright. Finally, I used one-hole straps to hold the plywood so I could hang the shower. Our inexpensive privacy screen is a roll of reed fencing, zip ties, and $1 vinyl curtains.