Maker Pipe allows DISASSEMBLY Too!
Hey, MakerPipe Community! We are moving soon, so today I will be taking down the canopy many of you have seen. We do this every spring, so it reminded me of another great reason we like building with Maker Pipe — DISASSEMBLY.

We know that for many build projects the goal is permanent, or semi-permanent, but we have been using the same connectors for three years in a row, assembling and removing everything every other season. This is not always talked about with so many great build ideas and hacks described here, but we will be able to take the parts with us for future projects in our new house (we are not moving far). Even our conduit will be useful again. If you are like us, you keep cut ends and short pieces for solving various challenges.

SO, not really a build to share today, but we will definitely have some upcoming ideas in the new house this fall!